_who i am

i was born in 1991 in France
i graduated from engineering school in 2014 (majors: microtechologies, wave science and entrepreneurship)
i can convince you that Lille is one of the best cities in the whole world
my favorite book is The Time of the Hero from Vargas Llosa
i think that the story about the penguin which breathes by the bottom, which sits and then dies is the most efficient joke ever

i'm a not a website designer, so if you want to complain about the colors (or talk about anything you want),
you can get in touch with me at jeremy[dot]freixas[at]gmail[dot]com

_serious stuff


up to now, i dedicated my work to energy storage devices at millimeter scale
i worked on lithium barrier diffusion layer during my master degree
i worked on metal-air microbatteries during my phd thesis

i defended my thesis 3D zinc-air microbatteries, a way of pushing limits of lithium-ion technologies on June 2018
[In French | Main ideas in English | References]

i am now teaching physics and chemistry to engineering students
keywords: energy storage, microtechnologies, electrochemistry, material science, cleanroom


Twitter en congrès scientifique : pour quoi faire ? Quelques recommandations issues de la littérature et de blogs scientifiques, J. Freixas, Workpaper available on HAL (CNRS open archive) [link]

New Insights in the Development of 3D Metal-Air Microbatteries, J. Freixas, T. Brousse, C. Lethien, Oral presentation at ECS 2017 Fall Meeting [link]

Atomic layer deposition of functional layers for on Chip 3D Li-ion all solid state microbattery, M. Létiche, E. Eustache, J. Freixas, A. Demortière, V. De Andrade, L. Morgenroth, P. Tilmant, F. Vaurette, D. Troadec, P. Roussel, T. Brousse, C. Lethien, Advanced Energy Materials, 2016, 1601402 [link]

On chip 3D metal-air microbatteries: a new approach to design zinc-air anode, J. Freixas, T. Brousse, C. Lethien, Oral presentation at II Metal-air Batteries International Congress, 2016

Sputtered Titanium Nitride: A Bifunctional Material for Li-Ion Microbatteries, J. Freixas, E. Eustache, P. Roussel, C. Brillard, D. Deresmes, N. Nuns, N. Rolland, T. Brousse, C. Lethien, Journal of The Electrochemical Society 162(4), A493-A500, 2015 [link]

Sputtered Thin Films for Lithium Ion Microbatteries: Recent Results on TiN Lithium Barrier Diffusion Layer, Au Negative and C-LiFePO4 Positive Electrodes, E. Eustache, J. Freixas, O. Crosnier, P. Tilmant, D. Yarekha, P. Roussel, N. Rolland, T. Brousse, C. Lethien, Oral presentation by E. Eustache at ECS 2013 Fall Meeting [link]

_social profiles

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_other things i want to share with you

_science popularisation (mostly in French)

you can also find some articles on my Medium blog (maybe some articles are now getting old)

here are some things i've realised to share my interest in science:

Vulgarisation scientifique: Comment sauver notre sens critique ?: roundtable organized by Apero Numérique Nantes

La transition énergétique, par où commencer ? L'avis d'un mec qui ne connait rien: openning lecture at Innovation Campus Days (Hackathon organized by University of Nantes about energy and sustainable development)

A la recherche d'un élixir pour les matériaux - MuséeTech: a micro-lecture in front of a sword at Nantes History Museum

La Fac en Vacances, Miniaturisation des batteries: a radio program about my PhD topic (included: an add with Bernard Tapie)

Jouets de chercheurs (Blog Nord Eka): some insights about everyday life of scientists and their 'toys'

Microbatteries microsupercondensateurs : encombrement réduit mais maxiperformances de stockage ! (Blog 3PS): a quick overview of the strategy of the team i'm working in to get energy storage microdevices

Cabaret des sciences 2016: humorous skit on my PhD thesis

@EnDirectDuLabo: i've shared my week as a researcher thanks to this twitter account (same as @realscientists)

_projects you should hear about

here are some nice actions i'm involved/i gave some time:

Les Vulgaires: thinking about the link between science and culture

BeyondLab: creating some moments to mix researchers, entrepreneurs and general public

Labo des Savoirs: a radio program with true pieces of science inside!

March For Science: conscience without science is but the ruin of the soul (of something like that)